In March 2008, Dublin Bus merged routes 102 & 230 to offer connections from Sutton Station via Baldoyle, Portmarnock, Malahide, Seabury, Swords Village & River Valley with Dublin Airport.

Operated by Harristown Garage, route 102 operates 7 days a week, with a typical frequency of every 30 minutes Monday to Friday.

AX 507 is seen above operating route 102 from Dublin Airport on 10th March 2008.

In January 2008, certain Dublin Bus routes were moved from outside the Arrivals Halls to beyond the short term car park & to a new purpose built bus & coach area, known as the Atrium Road.
Routes affected were the 41 ( City Centre departures to Swords only ), route 230
( before it was canceled in March 08 ) & the Nitelink 41N & 33N. Private operator Urbus was also relocated here, along with all Bus Eireann services. Long term parking shuttles including Quickpark had already moved some months previously.

Dublin Airport
Atrium Road
Coachman's Inn
Forrest Little
golf club
Rathingle Road
River Valley
River Valley Estate
Seamount Swords
Swords Main Street
The Pavilions Shopping Ctr
Estuary Road
Seabury Estate
Yellow Walls
Malahide Village
Coast Road
Wendel Avenue
Sands Hotel
Portmarnock Village
Strand Road

Dublin Bus Airlink service

Route 41B feature

Old route 102 Sutton to Malahide only

Bus Eireann Route 109A - Dublin Airport service

Route 31C at Sutton Station

Official Dublin Bus Route 102 bus timetable

Map of Dublin Airport

Map of Portmarnock

Map of Swords

Map of Malahide
Harristown Garage AX 507 at Sutton DART Station.

Sutton DART Station is now connected with 2 Dublin Bus routes :
Route 31C operates from Sutton Station via Strand Road, Howth Summit & Village & Howth DART Station. See full feature here....

Route 102 from Sutton Station to Dublin Airport.
Baldoyle Road
Baldoyle Village
Sutton DART Station
For a full feature on route 31C Sutton to Howth, clcik here...
Route 230 began with humble beginnings as a minibus route, served by both the Mercedes Benz 811D's with Wright bodywork ( MW class ) & the original Dublin Bus mini's, the Metro- Cammell Weymann MB class.

Following the popularity of the route, KC's replaced the minibuses in Winter 1992, while the route continued to be operated by Summerhill Garage.
Route 230 transferred from Summerhill with the opening of Harristown Garage

Route 230 was officially canceled on Saturday 8th March 2008, Volvo Olympian RV 634 doing the last run, with extended route 102 operating from Sunday 9th March 2008
AV 274 of Harristown Garage at the route 102 terminus at Dublin Airport, along the " Atrium Road " located behind short term car park " A "

AV 274 recently transferred from Phibsboro Garage thanks to the arrival of new Volvo Enviro500 VT class VT 21-70 at Phibsboro.
Harristown with gain :
AV219 to AV223
AV274 to 279 & 282
AV333 to AV342
from Phibsboro is this March 2008 fleet movement.

Route 102 at Dublin Airport, operating via Malahide to Sutton DART Station
Route 102 at Sutton DART Station, via Swords to Dublin Airport
Sutton DART Station is also the terminus for Route 31C - click photo
Customer information on the Dublin Airport route 102 stop
Route 102 operates from the Atrium Road, rear of the short term car park
Route 230 was replaced by extended route 102
Video clips :  Dublin Bus TV Campaign / Volvo ALX400

Dublin Bus Route 102

Sutton DART Station
Malahide Village
Swords Village
River Valley
Dublin Airport